Rebuilding Collier

Collier County had an estimated total of $320M in damages. Which means a lot of hard working families were forced to make some hard decisions. That's why we are still working to help provide assistance to our residents.

We have invested over $7M into Collier County for Hurricane Recovery

UAE Donates $2.7M

We worked with the UAE to secure $2.7M for Collier County. These funds are part of their $10M commitment to the state of Florida to aid in recovery efforts in Florida after Hurricane Irma caused widespread destruction across the state.

Home & Auto Insurance Program

We helped 200+ individuals with their home owners and auto insurance deductibles after Hurricane Irma.

Free Wifi for CCPS Students

UWCC secured $1.1M to build out the necessary infrastructure to provide CCPS students and family members with FREE wifi in Immokalee

Rebuilding Golden Gate

We are working with the United Arab Emirates & Grace Place for Children and Families to rebuild 30+ homes in Golden Gate, build new recreation soccer fields, playgrounds and a new tech center.

Disaster Case Management Program

We secured $803,479 to hire a team of Disaster Case Managers to provide long term recovery services for Collier County.

Need Help?

Collier Comes Together

We worked with the Community Foundation of Collier County to raise over $2M for Collier Families.